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Horseradish Mayonnaise Dressing

by The Devil Wears Salad

This 4-ingredient Horseradish Mayonnaise salad dressing is super simple to put together. Great for those creamy dressings with a little punch to the taste buds!

Horseradish Mayonnaise

Mayonnaise is one of those sauces where I simply cannot compromise on quality. The differences in taste to me are massive and really makes or breaks whatever it is I am making. I am not one to make my own either. Mainly because I’m not that great at it despite watching countless videos of celebrity chefs making it look super easy. It never quite turns out the way I envisaged it.

I am however fascinated by the process of making mayonnaise. From an ingredients point of view, it’s super simple. Oil, vinegar and egg yolks. Mayonnaise is an emulsion. An emulsion is when you mix 2 liquids that don’t normally combine well e.g. oil and water.

The process of emulsification is combining the 2 liquids, in this case, the oil and the vinegar. There are 2 processes that need to occur simultaneously, which I believe is my downfall causing my many failed attempts. When combining oil and the vinegar, the one ingredient must be added slowly to the other, usually oil to vinegar, while at the same time, mixing them quickly. It would seem my speed levels at both points are off.

The kicker here, just like with all vinaigrettes is that the oil will very quickly separate from the vinegar. Hence you’re always having to give it a good mix or shake just before serving your salad. In the case of the mayonnaise however, egg yolk is added as the emulsifier to get the oil and the vinegar to play nice and stick together. There is a scientific explanation of how that works exactly but it went straight over my head!

I will however continue to try and conquer my mayonnaise making saga. Sigh…. nobody’s perfect.

Horseradish Mayonnaise Dressing Ingrédients

Mayonnaise: Get yourself the best mayonnaise you can find. I’m sure everyone has their favourites from Hellmann’s to Kewpie. I get mine from a fine food grocer and it tastes so good!

Horseradish cream: Continuing on the creamy trajectory, I’m using horseradish cream to give the dressing a hint of pungent flavours. Just a little kick. If you love horseradish, you can of course add some fresh horseradish to the recipe. Otherwise Inglehoffer Cream Style Horseradish or Woeber’s Horseradish Sauce would work really well.

Soy sauce: Please don’t use dark soy sauce for this dressing as the flavours are too strong and the consistency won’t be right. You can use light soy sauce or normal soy sauce such as the Pearl River Superior. If you need this to be gluten free, substitute with tamari.

Lemon: Some much needed acidity and to balance out the creaminess of this dressing. Just squeeze some into the dressing. Mind the seeds. Don’t want any of it in the salad.

Horseradish Mayonnaise Dressing Method

This dressing is a horseradish aioli of sorts. In a bowl, add the mayonnaise, horseradish cream, soy sauce and the juice of ½ a lemon. Whisk until all the ingredients are mixed thoroughly and take on a light and creamy consistency.

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Horseradish Mayonnaise

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Horseradish Mayonnaise
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Horseradish Mayonnaise Dressing

This 4-ingredient Horseradish Mayonnaise salad dressing is super simple to put together. Great for those creamy dressings with a little punch to the taste buds!
Prep Time5 mins
Total Time5 mins
Course: Salad Dressing
Cuisine: International
Keyword: Dressing
Dietary: Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Nut Free, Vegetarian
Food Group: Fruit, Sauce/Vinegar/Oils
Servings: 4 people
Calories: 125.02kcal
Author: Amy Chung



  • In a small mixing bowl, add the mayonnaise, horseradish cream, soy sauce and the juice of ½ a lemon.
  • Whisk thoroughly.


Whisk Small
Cups and Spoons
Lemon Lime Squeezer
Mixing Bowl


Calories: 125.02kcal | Carbohydrates: 1.72g | Protein: 0.5g | Fat: 13.16g | Saturated Fat: 2.05g | Cholesterol: 7.35mg | Sodium: 205.69mg | Potassium: 18.63mg | Fiber: 0.46g | Sugar: 0.89g | Vitamin C: 7.78mg | Calcium: 3.51mg | Iron: 0.08mg
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