Main Course Ideas for Parmesan Chipotle Corn Salad with Black Beans

by The Devil Wears Salad

Smoky, Earthy and Salty, This Chipotle Corn Is Accompanied by Simple, Fresh Ingredients. This Budget Friendly Salad Is Easy to Make and Fantastic for Those Warmer Months as You Host A Casual Alfresco Lunch with Family and Friends.

This delicious salad makes for an excellent side dish! Here is a great collection of some main course recipes that would pair so well with this salad recipe for all your lunch, dinner and entertaining needs.

Parmesan Chipotle Corn Salad with Black Beans

Lamb Loin
This Lamb Loin is a super easy, special dish for any occasion! You can grill it in the summer months, or roast it in the oven any time of the year! Pairs perfectly with the flavourful Parmesan Chipotle Corn Salad with Black Beans.
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Baked Coconut Crusted Healthy Fish Tacos
Pair this yummy Chipotle Black Bean Corn Salad with these simple and quick fish tacos! The perfect Mexican feast for taco Tuesdays!
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Marinated Grilled Steaks
A delicious grilled steak would pair beautifully with this Parmesan Chipotle Corn Salad with Black Beans. This Marinated Grilled Steaks recipe is super easy and results in delicious, flavourful, juicy steaks.
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Tandoori Shrimp Skewers
Tandoori shrimp skewers when paired with the parmesan chipotle corn salad is perfect for balmy summer evenings. Pop a couple of hot, barbecued shrimp in your mouth followed by a bite of this smoky salad and experience an explosion of flavours like none other!
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Jerk Chicken Bake
his Jerk Chicken is not cooked the traditional way but is baked making it an easy and healthy chicken dinner. Free from top 8 allergens is ideal for allergy friendly diets. Will pair well with the salty and punchy parmesan cheese and the sweetness of the sweetcorn.
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Ropa Vieja
A Cuban dish of slow cooked shredded beef with bell peppers and olives. Lots of flavour for very little effort ! Delicious paired with a chipotle corn salad.
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Parmesan Chipotle Corn Salad with Black Beans

Spice Crusted Grilled Flank Steak
Spice crusted grilled flank steak is picnic perfect. Just add a a refreshing salad and you're are set!
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Mexican Pulled Pork Burritos
These delicious Pulled Pork Burritos made with leftover BBQ pulled pork go beautifully with a side of Mexican inspired Parmesan Chipotle Corn Salad with Black Beans. It's a marriage of flavours made in heaven!
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Mexican Grilled Sea Bass
Grilled sea bass in a puddle of avocado crema topped with fresh mango salsa… Mexican Grilled Sea Bass, with its bold Mexican-inspired flavours pairs beautifully with the bold flavors of this Parmesan Chipotle Corn Salad with Black Beans.
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Bacon Wrapped Veggie Stuffed Chicken
What’s better than delicious, juicy baked chicken? Delicious, juicy baked chicken wrapped in bacon and stuffed with spinach, artichokes, garlic and sun-dried tomatoes! Serve it with this flavourful Parmesan Chipotle Corn Salad with Black Beans and dinner will never be the same again!
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Mexican Cowboy Beans
With pinto beans, bacon, and jalapeno, this traditional ranch style beans recipe cooks slowly to make the most flavourful, authentic frijoles a la charra you ever had in your life. Pair with the Parmesan Chipotle Corn Salad with Black Beans for a perfect Mexican-inspired soup and salad dinner.
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Chipotle Chayote Blue Corn Tacos
These Vegetarian tacos would be a great complement to Mexican inspired Chipotle Corn Salad with Black Beans with a similar flavour profile, yet still packed with protein. You can even add the salad as an additional stuffing inside the tacos.
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