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Main Course Ideas for Tricolour Quinoa Salad

by The Devil Wears Salad

Deliciously sweet roasted baby peppers, caramelised eggplant and tangy lemon mingled in with nutty tricolour quinoa and a zingy lemon garlic dressing. A colourful vegan quinoa recipe that would shine at any potluck meal.

This delicious salad makes for an excellent side dish! Here is a great collection of some main course recipes that would pair so well with this salad recipe for all your lunch, dinner and entertaining needs.

Tricolour Quinoa Salad with Roast Vegetables

Vegan Spinach Pasta Recipe

Vegan alfredo spinach pasta recipe is all in one pan. This recipe is simple and straightforward and perfect for the everyday simple vegan meal. Pair it with this delicious Tricolour Quinoa Salad to round it off!
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Seared Steak with Chimichurri Sauce

Perfectly seared steak with a bright Chimichurri sauce. The ideal accompaniment to this tricolour quinoa salad by continuing the theme of fresh herbs, and beautiful ingredients. This steak and salad combo are a match made in culinary heaven!
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Spicy Grilled Shrimp w/ Pineapple Sauce

Savory, delicious Spicy Grilled Shrimp topped off with cilantro, lime, and a sweet minced tomato and pineapple sauce. This healthy recipe is perfect for a fun spring and summer weeknight dinner. This goes great with this Tricolour Quinoa Salad to keep your meal perfectly light and balanced.
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Sautéed Cod with Tomatoes

Sautéed Cod with Tomatoes features delicious Mediterranean flavors, including olives and garlic. It would pair well with the roasted vegetables in this tricolour quinoa salad.
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Beef Pizzaiola Recipe

Beef Pizzaiola is a hearty tomato based Italian roast made easier with the Instant Pot. Serve it with fresh crusty bread and this delicious Tricolour Quinoa Salad.
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Vegan Clam Chowder

Soup and salad for dinner? Of course! This vegan clam chowder is the perfect accompaniment for a delicious tricolour quinoa salad! Hearty yet light at the same time!
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Tricolour Quinoa Salad with Roast Vegetables

BBQ Easy Carve Lamb Leg

BBQ lamb leg - what’s more Aussie than that? Perfect for a family/group and just simply delish. Pair it with this fantastic Tricolour Quinoa Salad for the perfect meal.
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Easy Nut Crusted Salmon

In this recipe, salmon is drizzled in a honey dijon glaze and topped with nuts for the perfect combination of sweet and savory. This protein pairs great with this refreshing Tricolour Quinoa Salad.
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Asian Baked Chicken

Asian Baked Chicken pairs beautifully with Tricolour Quinoa Salad with Roasted Vegetables. The garlic marries both dishes together and the heat in the chicken kicks up the whole meal.
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Bang Bang Shrimp

This Bang Bang Shrimp from the Bonefish Grill copycat recipe pairs beautifully with the healthy tricolour quinoa salad. With just a few ingredients, this is the ultimate combo for healthy and lean protein lovers!
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Risotto with Spinach and Mushrooms

This Instant Pot Risotto is creamy, flavorful, easy, and quick to make. It’s a fail-proof weeknight dinner that requires no continuous stirring or babysitting the pot. Pair it with this Tricolour Quinoa Salad for the perfect meal!
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Pork Mushroom Meatballs

Tender meatballs made with ground mushrooms are a quick weeknight dinner you can feel good about serving. The earthy flavor of the meatballs would be a wonderful complement to the roasted eggplant and nutty quinoa. Pork and Mushroom Meatballs along with Tricolour Quinoa Salad with Roasted Vegetables is a healthy, satisfying, and easy family dinner!
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Salmon Kabobs with Tzatziki Sauce

These salmon kabobs with tzatziki would be the perfect pairing with this tricolour quinoa salad for a healthy and delicious summer meal.
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