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12 Salads for Father’s Day

by The Devil Wears Salad

Spending Father’s Day at Home and Cooking Up A Feast? Here Are Some Fantastic Sides and Salads for Father’s Day That Will No Doubt Be Enjoyed by The Whole Family!

Purple Cauliflower Salad with Lemon Mustard Tahini test


Hearty and wholesome. Two words not normally used to describe a salad.

But this Purple Cauliflower Salad is exactly that due to its creaminess, roasted undertones and nutty flavours.

Spicy Green Salad with Avocado


Jalapeno chilli peppers are the perfect way to spice up your life!

It certainly did so with this Spicy Green Salad as it elevated it to the next level. Too hot? Let the avocado fan cool you down!

Wombok, Red Cabbage and Apple Slaw


Super fresh Asian inspired salad packed with crunch and spicy tang.

Our Wombok, Red Cabbage and Apple Slaw is a crowd pleaser especially when dialled up with a sharp coriander and lime dressing.

Freekeh Grain Salad with Preserved Lemons


A delicious texture, our freekeh grain salad is mixed with a whole lot of seeds, roasted beetroot, and fresh herbs.

Add some preserved lemons to inject an intense salty lemony flavour. A hearty meal for any time of the week.


Thai Pomelo Salad with Roast Duck


Fresh Thai herbs and aromatics balanced with roast duck, pomelo and cucumber to create a zesty salad with punchy umami flavours.

A no cook salad that only requires cutting and tearing, our Thai pomelo salad is deliciously robust.

Add some dollops of creamy goat’s cheese to round off the salad.

Roasted Beetroot Salad with Tangelo and Pine Nuts


Fresh and vibrant Roasted Beetroot Tangelo Salad perfect for outdoor entertaining and weekday packed lunches.

We love how the juicy sweet tangelo, crunchy radishes and creamy pine nuts complement the earthy sweet roasted beetroots perfectly.

Yellow Nectarine Salad with Grilled Halloumi


The combination of salty grilled halloumi, creamy avocado, peppery radishes alongside sweet charred corn, makes this vegetarian salad with nectarines super refreshing and so easy to prepare.

Baby Cuttlefish Salad with Green Papaya


Who doesn’t love a good seafood salad?

This Asian inspired baby cuttlefish salad is paired with the crunch of the green papaya, pungent fish sauce and tamed by aromatic palm sugar.

Celeriac Mango and Guava Salad


Who would have thought a knobby, ugly root vegetable, sweet tropical fruits and a nasal clearing infused dressing could be so good?

This Guava Salad is no simple flavour combination and you’ll be surprised how fantastic it tastes!

Five Spice Tofu Salad with Vietnamese Cha Lua


An incredibly flavourful Asian salad with traditional Chinese and Vietnamese ingredients.

This Five-Spice Tofu Salad with Vietnamese Cha Lua positively lip smacking and moreish!

Blistered Tomato and Basil Salad with Israeli Couscous


It’s incredible how such everyday ingredients such as tomato and basil can make for such a flavoursome salad recipe.

Complement the sweet blistered tomatoes with broth infused Israeli couscous for a quick and easy side salad.

Green Bean, Truffle Butter Breadcrumbs and Quail Egg Salad


Add a touch of gourmet to an otherwise easy recipe.

Your guests will be so impressed with the delectable truffle tones in this quail egg salad.

Beetroot Cured Salmon Salad with Black Fish Roe


A special occasion, be it a milestone or festive celebration, deserves a salad that will impress your guests.

This Beetroot Cured Salmon Salad is spectacular, not to mention delectable! Go ahead, spoil your family and friends!

Peas and Pasta Salad with Prosciutto


A quick and easy pasta salad covered with a savoury anchovy, parsley and ricotta dressing with pops of green peas and crispy prosciutto, we know you are going to love it.

Great pasta with prosciutto recipe, perfect for lunches on the go and sunny outdoor picnics.

Chilli Charred Corn and Red Papaya Salsa


Eye catching Charred Corn and Red Papaya Salsa with a hit of chilli that revitalises the taste buds.

Using baby gem lettuce instead of corn chips to scoop up the refreshing salsa, this vegan papaya salad recipe makes a delicious starter to your entertaining needs.

A potluck side salad doesn’t always have to be a pasta salad, potato salad or coleslaw. There are so many options for a side salad and as expert potluck goers, we have created some salads just for this purpose. We transport these recipes all of the time and they are always a hit! Go on, give them a go!

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Marina June 11, 2020 - 5:53 am

What a great selection of recipes, all of them are great. I will definitely make yellow salad with zucchini flowers for Father’s Day!

The Devil Wears Salad
The Devil Wears Salad June 12, 2020 - 4:40 pm

That’s awesome Marina! I hope he’ll enjoy it!

Christie Gagnon June 11, 2020 - 5:58 am

What a fantastic collection of salads! I think I will make the charred corn with tomato and avocado – YUM!

The Devil Wears Salad
The Devil Wears Salad June 12, 2020 - 4:40 pm

Yes! That’s always a winner! Enjoy Father’s Day and hope he’ll have an amazing day!

Sara Rodriguez June 11, 2020 - 9:19 pm

These salads looks great! I have to try the Peas and Pasta Salad with Prosciutto!

The Devil Wears Salad
The Devil Wears Salad June 12, 2020 - 4:40 pm

Awesome Sara! I hope he’ll like like! Happy Father’s Day to him!

Debra June 11, 2020 - 11:05 pm

OMG….so many good choices! Going to go with the squash blossoms…because I have so many in my garden! Then onto the king oyster mushrooms, if I can find any….will work my way through this awesome line up.

The Devil Wears Salad
The Devil Wears Salad June 12, 2020 - 4:41 pm

Oh I’m soooo jealous Debra! You have squash blossom in your garden?? You should definitely make this! Enjoy Father’s Day!

Jason Talley June 11, 2020 - 11:24 pm

These all look really good! I think my husband would like that red cabbage apple slaw! Thanks for the idea!

The Devil Wears Salad
The Devil Wears Salad June 12, 2020 - 4:42 pm

You welcome! Happy Father’s Day to your husband!

Natalie June 12, 2020 - 4:36 am

All these salads look absolutely amazing. I don’t know where to start. I will definitely make something from this list for Father’s Day.

The Devil Wears Salad
The Devil Wears Salad June 12, 2020 - 4:42 pm

That’s great Natalie! Let us know which one you ended up with. Have a great Father’s Day!


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