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What Goes Well with Watermelon?

by The Devil Wears Salad

What Goes Well with Jerusalem Artichoke?


Fruit and Vegetables
Blueberry, cabbage, celeriac, cherry, cucumber, endive, fennel, honeydew, kiwi, lettuce, onion, pomegranate, rocket, rockmelon, strawberry, tomato.

Herbs and Dairy
Basil, bocconcini, buffalo mozzarella, butter, coriander, cottage cheese, feta , goats cheese, gruyere, kaffir lime leaf, mint.

Protein and Other Ingredients
Bacon, balsamic vinegar, salmon.


Yellow Watermelon Feta Salad with Mint

Looking for a quick refreshing summer salad that packs a punch? You can’t go wrong with our 3-ingredient yellow watermelon feta salad with mint!

Yellow Watermelon Feta Salad with Mint

Melon Salad with Maple Syrup and Lime Dressing

Take advantage of the many varieties of melons to create a delicious fruit salad with a sweet and tangy flavour. This melon salad with maple syrup and lime dressing is the perfect end to a great meal.

Melon Salad with Maple Syrup and Lime Dressing

Fresh Fruit Platter Extraordinaire

Fresh fruit platters and fruit trays don’t have to be boring and lifeless. There are many ways to make them look extraordinary and elicit those “wow” moments! We give you the ultimate fruit platter presentation ideas and how to put it together.

Fresh Fruit Platter Extraordinaire with Flowers

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